Thursday, March 8, 2007

With the 2008 elections coming underway I wanted to take this opportunity to drum up some international debate and conversation on this, what I guarentee to be, a most eventful election year. With controversial issues on the table regarding Iraq, Iran, Healthcare, and National Security the American people are going to have some choices to make.
After living abroad for the past 2 years (Czech Republic) I have been fortunate enough to hear viewpoints and opinions from friends and many others in the the European community on their thoughts regarding America's situation and how they feel it should be handled. Having this input has helped me to develop many of my thoughts relating to international policy issues.
Now that the elections are upon us we have the great responsibility of deciding who will shape and form both national and international policy for our country. As the names of the candidates start to appear my excitement grows.
Will it be Hillary with her universal healthcare and strong presence? Maybe it will be McCain's moderate conservative values that take the seat...Or could it be Obama with the sleak look of the younger generation and calm mannerisms that will embark on the great opportunity to run the United States?
I continue to perform my own research to better educate myself in order to decide which candidates box to tick when it comes polling day.
But what I want to know is who you think America's next president is going to be and what his major areas of concern are going to be? And then there's the real question "What needs to happen in America in the years ahead..."